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    1. Pat
      July 8, 2013 at 11:11 pm

      After reading all your good articles I think my audiologist is not very good. I have expensive aids but she could never get them to work very well. Do you know of any one in the Palm Springs ca.area? Thank you.

      • admin
        July 9, 2013 at 8:23 pm

        Dear Pat,
        Thank you for your post. As is the case with any health care provider, outcomes can vary. In fact, there are many factors which contribute to success. Expensive aids most often feature processing, amplification, adjustment, and compatibility (with other devices) which are quite advanced and useful when applied properly to ones communication needs.
        People often give up on hearing aids because they have been led to believe that they are going to “get more” by paying more. Outcomes depend more on the skill of the provider and motivation of the user than how much was spent.
        While seeking care from an audiology doctor (Au.D.) helps to ensure certain education and training standards as a true healthcare provider have been met (and they are not simply a salesperson), personality and philosophical approaches will vary just like any other specialty. I would recommend you always check and verify credentials and seek a second opinion. Look for a provider who is willing to work with your current devices instead of immediately wanting to sell you another set. I am sorry that I do not know of anyone in Palm Springs, but please use the resource to look up audiologists at the American Academy of Audiology’s website http://webportal.audiology.org/Custom/FindAnAudiologist.aspx
        You may also go to the hearing aid manufacturer website for your hearing aids to try and locate a provider who can work with your devices, but you will need to verify whether the provider is an audiologist or a hearing instrument specialist (dealer).
        I hope this helps!

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